Yao Stone Smooth Stress Relief

Inspired by the calm, meditative feel of ancient Chinese fo zhu prayer beads, Yao Stone is a contemporary stress reliever. Like worry stones, the Yao Stone is a small, quiet, discreet device with calming, smooth action for all your stress-relieving needs. Carry Yao Stone with you when commuting to work, studying for that exam, or trying to calm down at the end of a long day. Are you a nail-biter? Don’t ruin your fingers! reach for your Yao Stone!

The patent-pending design uses hidden magnets to create a smooth, satisfying motion as you glide the button with your thumb. The magnetic gliding motion is like no other stress-relieving device in the world!


Push the Yao Button around on the Yao Stone body. Feel the magnetic field in your hand.


Spin the button for an endlessly smooth action.


The magnets are strong enough to clip to your shirt or light jacket for easy access!


Clip Yao Stone to your keychain and take it to go!

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