Sea Eagle 16′ Inflatable Travel Canoe

The World’s First All Drop Stitch Inflatable Canoe has arrived! Say goodbye to old rigid, heavy, unstable, tippy, nearly impossible to store and transport canoes! The Patent Pending Sea Eagle Travel Canoe 16 is a incredibly rigid, super light, sixteen foot, high pressure inflatable canoe that packs down small enough to fit in the trunk of a car! The TC16 has accomplished feats well beyond reach of traditional canoes such as: 33% weight reduction compared to canoes of the same class, incredible primary and incomparable secondary stability (stable to stand in), bow/stern molds that slice through the water increasing track-ability, water entry and exit system designed to create lift and reduce friction, full length flat planning surface area covered with hundreds of friction reducing dimples, entire hull waterline length enabling paddling speeds up to 6 mph, full length double quadruple chine system to enhance track-ability and increase stability, incredible portability, transport-ability and overall enjoyment! The TC16 Start Up Package has everything you need to get you out on the water! Easy to use, easy to transport and easy to pack. This entire package will fit into the trunk of a small car and includes: Travel Canoe 16 in it’s own travel bag, two movable/adjustable inflatable drop stitch canoe seats with backrest, one low profile swept back removable skeg, one high volume/high pressure piston pump with inline pressure gauge, one repair kit, and a set of instructions.

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