ZURU Bunch O Balloons, Fill 100 Water Balloons in 60 Seconds

The summer season’s too short, so why not make a splash with the ZURU Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons 350 Pack. This special pack features 10 ZURU Bunch O Balloons bunches that hold 35 balloons and one large 20 inch water balloon bowl. Say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons by hand and say hello to never ending splash out loud fun! Simply connect it to a water source, fill and make hundreds of water balloons with no hand-tying. Each water balloon has a self-tying mechanism which activates as soon as you pull it off of the tube. They fill up in under 60 seconds, so you can spend less time prepping and more time enjoying the water fight. Adults and children will both enjoy the splashing fun! The variety of colors enables you to make teams or just add more color to your play.

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