SpaTap Ultralight Portable Outdoor Tap & Shower

SpaTap is a Multi Award Winning, Ultralight portable tap and eco-shower that fits in your pocket, used by outdoor recreation people, defence forces and Aid agencies. SpaTap is the simplest way to wash “On the go” because it is a portable tap that can be carried your pocket. It can be quickly and easily installed anywhere to provide an instant tap or washing station. SpaTap is designed to save an enormous amount of water, be portable and also be very easy to use. SpaTap does NOT use a mains water connection, it uses readily available bottles or containers of various sizes to store and then dispenses water. SpaTap can dispense water in 4 different MODES. The water flow is controllable and measured and can be adjusted depending on the user’s requirements and the bottle being used. It’s so easy to operate, simply insert the neck of a bottle inside the SpaTap and create an air tight fit. There are 3 different size internal flanges that can accommodate most bottle sizes in use around the world today. The adjust the 4 cords and cord lock toggle around the bottle to secure it in place. The SpaTap can either be hung for easy access, for example to a tree or tent pole or handheld. Take the washing power of SpaTap to wherever it is needed. Then simply either give it a gentle squeeze, pull the bung out of the air inlet valve or pump the whole SpaTap to dispense the water. By reinserting the bung into the air inlet valve the water will stop flowing.

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