SOLIDteknics nöni seamless 1pc stainless pans

New 26cm Sauteuse, 26cm Skillet/lid, 17cm pan. INDUCTION. No rivets/welds/screws/ply. Indestructible. Multi-generation heirloom dated.

Nöni™ is the first cookware to be wrought from one seamless piece of stainless steel. Made in Australia (Sydney) from a flat sheet of highly conductive German 3mm wrought ferritic (non-Nickel) stainless into a high performance seamless 1-piece pan, using a newly-patented process.

One solid piece is far more durable (basically indestructible) than traditional riveted/welded/screwed, clad/multi-ply contructions…..the methods still used by ALL other brands of stainless cookware. The best of those regular multi-part jointed pans might last decades, but 1-piece nöni™ will last centuries…..

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