SKINNERS – ultraportable sock shoes

  • The ultimate ultralight footwear for all your adventures
  • Portable, durable, partially waterproof, odor-resistant, bacterial-resistant, anti-slip
  • Ideal for travelling, camping, hiking, running, gym, camping, home, office – simply anywhere
  • Designed to last hundreds of miles (due to anti-abrasive double layer of Swedish polymer)
  • RealFeelTM experience = move freely and stay protected at the same time

“These ultra-tough socks almost stopped me wearing shoes.” (the Verge) “More than reading any book or listening to advice, a few sessions in the Skinners gave me a new understanding (and appreciation) of foot mechanics.” (Forbes)

“In 2017 I’ve been running almost entirely in Skinners, almost 400km so far. I’ve run two half marathons in Skinners, got a personal best both times. Then a couple of weeks ago, I ran my first full marathon in Skinners too. […] I much prefer being light on my feet with Skinners, really pleased with them!” (J.D. – our customer 🙂 )

Socks or shoes? SKINNERS!

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