Silk’n Lipo Targeted Fat-Reduction

Let’s face it, we all have those stubborn areas of fat we just can’t get rid of. Using Silk’n Lipo for just 15 minutes a day on targeted areas will reduce stubborn fat, and strengthen underlying muscles. The result: a slimmer and more toned body – NO DIET, NO EXERCISE!

Silk’n Lipo shrank the advanced LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy) technology found in clinical-sized machines down to dimensions that can be used at home. LLLT is an established fat-reduction technology that’s popular in high-end clinics because it’s safe and it works.

EMS works by delivering a gentle electrical impulse to the muscle’s fibers causing them to flex and work. The muscle can’t tell whether the command to flex comes from the brain or from EMS. So by using EMS, you can workout and strengthen your muscles without actually hitting the gym.

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