PRIM water softener for your shower

PRIM replaces chunky, high-maintenance water softeners & filters to Create healthy shower water, pure and personalized with minerals.

Day in, day out, your shower never changes. It gets the job done, and you’ve never given it a second thought. But what if it could evolve? What if your shower became an elevated experience that cleansed you faster, more efficiently and with cleaner water?

Don’t stop there – let’s say it also removes harmful chemicals in tap water.

At Prim, we set out to create a shower that leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to meet what’s next. Hundreds of people have showered with Prim and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Now we are ready to share Prim with the world.

To push this industry innovation further, we built easily replaceable (& cheap) Pi-Ceramic Filters into the Prim. Using very dense ceramics that consists of 28 minerals, these mineralized stones efficiently filter impurities, reduce chlorine, and balance pH levels for a truly pure shower experience.

The best part? Prim is universal to any bathroom. Installation takes seconds – no tools, no complex directions, no hassle.

Prim is here to revolutionize your shower.

Learn more by watching the video.

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