PIN Genie Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

The PIN Genie Smart Lock is keyless and secure with invisible PIN through the world’s first peep proof and hidden camera proof PIN Genie PIN Pad. The PIN pad itself has 12 global patents and it randomly distributes the 10 numbers (0-9) into four buttons and all number reshuffle after each time of use, which makes it impossible for others to know your PIN no matter how many times they watch you enter.

How PIN Genie PIN Pad beats the traditional one

  • Four buttons, with three numbers in each button
  • All numbers reshuffle after each time of use
  • Making it impossible for others to know your PIN, even they’re watching
  • Never worry about others seeing your PIN

Traditional PIN Pad

  • 10 buttons, only one specific number in each button
  • All numbers stay in the same button all the time
  • Easy for others to figure out your PIN by watching even just once
  • Have to hide when entering the PIN

PIN Genie tracks exactly who is locking and unlocking the door. You can simply create temporary passcodes on your smart phones with expiring time and share to your guests. PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro aims to provide the best solution for Airbnb and VRBO hosts.

Download the PIN Genie Smart Lock App and enjoy the following features:

Control Access

Lock, unlock and monitor your door status by using your smart phones.

Send scheduled eKey and grant access 

With pre-set day and time that you control, the scheduled eKey is perfect for regular visitors, like dog walkers and house cleaning services and also your Airbnb and VRBOs guests

Always know who’s coming and going
PIN Genie Smart Lock tracks lock/unlock history by each user 24/7 and stores in the app for your review. You will also receive notifications once your friends/guests check-in and activate the temporary eKey you have shared to them.

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