Penna Sling Bag designed specifically for DJI Mavic

Being avid drone pilots ourselves, we understand the inconveniences and troubles of carrying the Mavic outdoor in traditional camera backpacks: lack of proper storage and protection to the Mavic, batteries and props, too bulky and heavy, etc.

And we’ve tried out many different backpacks, they are really not suitable for the job. They’re, after all, “Camera backpacks”, designed for cameras, not drones.

So we thought, why don’t we build our own bag specifically for the Mavic, “designed for pilots, by pilots”? A bag that’d well protect the Mavic, is waterproof and can store every accessories necessary for the trip? So we did!

Finally the result is simply spectacular! The Penna Sling Bag is the world’s first companion sling bag designed specifically for your Mavic, one that’s equally versatile, lightweight and compact.

Watch the video to see just how great it is.

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