Nebia Spa Shower: Luxury Water Innovation. Sustainable Atomizing Shower System with 10″ Head, Handheld Wand, Adjustable Height.

You have to feel it to believe it: as soon as you turn on the Nebia Spa Shower, a billowing spray of warm water invites you to step in. You are instantly soaked from head to toe. You stand, listening to the gentle buzz of the shower head and letting steamy streams of water envelop your body. Daily concerns dissolve away. The smell of freshness hangs in the air. You breathe — calmly, deeply, taking it all in, letting it all go.

The Nebia Spa Shower does more than leave you tingling, invigorated, and squeaky clean; it restores you. You can dream your dreams, sing your songs, and think your big thoughts for a few glorious moments — alone — every day.

You dry off without an ounce of guilt. You’re making the most of every drop of water even as you indulge in a private ritual that prepares you to engage the world anew.

Fresh, revived, and ready.

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