Kobi a Robot that plows snow and mows the lawn

When it comes to snow, Kobi is the true expert. Kobi is connected to, and is very interested in, the weather forecast. Kobi knows when it will snow and will even warn you accordingly. Kobi will autonomously remove the snow in small quantities while it is falling. Kobi takes a proactive approach to snow removal.

Kobi is 1 machine with 3 different modules: one for mowing your lawn, one for removing leaves and one for blowing away snow.

Kobi knows when it will be snowing. Even if you don’t. Kobi works autonomously, but only if you let it. You are always in control and will tell Kobi where to go, when to start and when to stop via our smartphone app. Kobi is smart, but will never outsmart you.

Watch the video to see it in action.

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