Just Mobile ShutterGrip

The ingenious grab-and-go camera control for your smartphone.

They say the best camera is the one in your pocket.

But convenience comes at a cost… Today’s slimline smartphones are brilliant to use as a touchscreen or telephone, but use them for any serious photography and they become an ergonomic nightmare, with hardware buttons that don’t do what you want them to…

And software buttons that never seem to be in the right place. All the finger-yoga in the world won’t help you take the left-handed selfie.

That’s why Just Mobile has come up with this camera grip. It easily attaches to pretty much any phone, case or no case. And that’s just the start of its magic…

1. Easy Single-Handed Control

Pursuing the sculpted handgrip and shutter release button of traditional single-lens cameras, with just a simple press of your fingertip, you’ll enjoy the comfort and security of holding your smartphone in one hand, taking stable photos and videos easily.

 2. Easy Single-Button Control

Intuitive, mechanical shutter release button with tactile feedback, now you can take and feel your shots with the press of a fingertip.

3. Ergonomic Non-skid Handle

Catch up to kids’ constant chases and excitement. Capture their precious life moments with the peace of mind that your smartphone won’t drop to the ground.

 4. Bluetooth Shutter Remote

Detachable Bluetooth shutter remote allows you to take more natural and creative selfies. Reach out your arm further, turn your camera upside down, place it on the ground shooting up, and safely hit the shutter button with your other hand, Now taking a selfie is as comfortable and it is safe and steady.

5. Tripod Support

Built-in standard screw hole allowing for mounting on a tripod. Easily take group photos at any angle or distance, with the aid of the detachable shutter remote.

6. Always Ready

Super compact and fit in a pocket or purse, it is ready for any occasion. Capture indoor selfies with friends, outdoor city sights, and life’s moving moments that you won’t miss.

7. No-App Required

No special app to install, universally compatible with Android or iOS smartphones. Quick first-time setup and auto-connection to Bluetooth thereafter with a press of a button, plug-and-play operation is simply and easy.

8. Complimentary Lanyard

A convenient lanyard, reinforced internally with copper wire core, and external in braided nylon, is provided to give added security and peace of mind.

9. Long Lasting and Auto Shutoff

Runs on a single battery and lasts over 6 months. Turns itself off after 3min idle. Uses common coin-size battery available at any supermarkets. Easy to replace battery.

Watch the video to see how easy and practical it is to use.

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