HomeBiogas 2.0 Transforms Your Food Waste Into Clean Energy

The HomeBiogas 2.0 is the most efficient, affordable and rewarding way to transform food waste and animal manure into energy in your own backyard!

New to Biogas? Great! Learning how to make your own renewable energy from food waste is a fascinating and truly rewarding journey. We designed HomeBiogas 2.0 to be super simple and easy to use.  Just toss in your organic waste, and the bacteria will do the rest. Here are the basics of how it works:

Leftover food or food scraps may not be suitable for eating, but they still have calories that can be used to create energy. So don’t throw them out! Put food waste or animal manure into the appliance. The bacteria in the digester will break down the organic matter and convert it into biogas and fertilizer. The gas bag holds 700 liters of biogas at all times, ready for all your cooking needs. It is a 100% off-the-grid and natural process, similar to what happens in your own stomach.

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