Gourmia GTC8000 Electric Square Tea Maker Loose Leaf Tea Infuser & Brewer

With the Tea-Square Personal Craft Tea and Coffee Brewer you can brew incredible teas at home without all the hassle of monitoring every step. The Tea-Square heats up to four cups of water to a temperature that allows for optimal flavor extraction. The tea is brewed in a glass and stainless steel brew chamber which ensures that there are no off-flavors in your tea. As the tea steeps in the brew chamber, you can relax. No need to worry about brew times – the Tea-Square does everything for you. With its three brew settings, you have control over the duration of the brew cycle so that you can brew any variety of tea – white, green, oolong and black. Plus, the Tea-Square includes a fourth setting – refresh – which hydrates and rinses your tea prior to brewing. Once the tea is finished brewing, it passes through the extra-fine stainless steel strainer which traps even the smallest tea particles, giving you a clear, smooth brew. The Gourmia Tea-Square also includes safety features which prevent the unit from operating unless the carafe is in place.

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