GoCoat…the first sweatshirt with built-in hidden backpack

We developed GoCoat because we wanted a single garment to hold everything needed for an adventure without carrying a giant suitcase or dealing with bulky pockets. We even made the hood and sleeves detachable for extra flexibility.

GoCoat Advantages:
  • Great for carrying spur of the moment purchases
  • Great for walking hands free from the grocery store
  • Great for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and skateboards
  • Hood and sleeves zip off for warmer spring and summer months
  • Slim profile backpack feels comfortable even when driving
  • Why carry an empty, bulky backpack when you can zip the backpack away and unzip it when you need it?
  • Why bring a suitcase on your next weekend getaway—travel smart and light with the GoCoat
  • Carry your lunch to the office, park, beach or game, then conveniently zip your backpack away
  • GoCoat distributes weight of the backpack evenly to your back, across your chest, through your abs and waist. Even heavy loads seem lighter

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