The Fishing Caddy Tackle Box Lid

The Fishing Caddy XL 2.0 combines everything you need to fish comfortably while fishing for panfish. Perfect for adults and kids who love fishing.

First step is to dip in water adding up to 40lbs of water weight to prevent it from tipping over.

  • High Quality and Meticulous  Design 
  • Sturdy 14 Compartment Tackle box lid
  • Ultra bright water-proof led lights
  • Premium padded handle
  • Built in rod holders for sensitive bite detection
  • Quick Strike indicators
  • Holds up to 40 lbs of water weight to prevent it from tipping over
  • Quick Release Water System


Ditch your lawn chairs, your boring dirty white buckets The Fishing Caddy is so much better on the eyes

  • The Tackle box lid on The Fishing Caddy 2.0  is sturdy enough to sit on (Max weight over 300 lbs)
  • Offers 14 compartments to hold all your bobbers, weights, hooks, attractants and fishing license
  • A solid seal to make sure it stays on while transporting
  • Features a pattern to allow you cut a hole to place fish inside WHILE sitting.
  • Your rods are closer and right at your fingertips so you can sink the hook quicker!

Ditch your stringers or baskets!

  • You can place your fish inside your Fishing Caddy adding even more weight.
  • Protecting your fish from turtles or splashing around scaring away the fish in the lake
  • Keep your fish alive longer by adding a aerator

There is so much more watch the video to see.

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