Easycube: The Ultimate Fun Modular Building Blocks

Building with Easycube is incredibly fun and easy thanks to an intuitive, magnetic and claw-like interface construction system. Each cube is 3.91(cu.in), so you can put a table tennis ball in it. After finishing this, it can float on water and we can make a battleship!  Using Short Rods and Rotating Modules, children can make a walking robot.  If there are lots of Basic cubes, children can make a Tower Bridge. The deck that can be lifted up and down as if they are staying in London. Easycube’s modules are building blocks like pixel points that safely conduct electricity to enable you to freely assemble houses, trees, cars and so many more.

The electric power system is built independently into different kinds of cubes. This modular design allows you to add the engine cubes to any position you want. 1 power cube can control 3 engine cubes through a magnetic wire, so you can implement three different movements. Maybe your children have various creative ideas, but have no ways through which to realize them. There are many kinds of building blocks, but most of them are very monotonous. They have too many parts, so it is hard for little children to play or make something with them. We want to create building blocks that has less parts and a variety of gameplay. Easycube is a tool, a new species. Children can make everything they want.

Easycube not only stimulates children’s creativity, and their natural curiosity about the world around them, it also assists them in the development of communication.  They will learn about wheels, pulleys, simple machines, energy, forces and more physical concepts while they build 3D models in an entertained and engaged way.

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