Catapult Kits desktop toy

Build your very own desktop catapult! These kits make a great 1:24 scale model or a fun office toy. Each kit comes with everything you need except a hammer and scissors. The parts are CNC machined to insure a precise fit. The baltic birch wood is sanded, stained, then laser cut. The brass pins and wheels are machined from solid brass.

These catapults are designed to be assembled without any glue. They utilize dowel pin and mortise joints for assembly. Simply match the pieces. Drive the brass pins in. Then snap together.

Small in size, big on power

While standing only 4 inches tall, these catapults can throw objects over 35 feet! Objects that weigh around 1 gram get launched the farthest. Heavier or lighter objects, like pennies and paper wads, can be launched up to 18 feet. Making these catapults perfect for office battles!

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