Avalanche Original Roof Snow Removal System

This Avalanche Wheeled Roof Rake rolls through snow removal chores twice as fast as standard roof rakes. Wheels protect your roof and allow for easier movement, reducing back strain.

Avalanche “Original” (New and Improved)saves your back and your roof! Twice as fast and easy as a standard roof rake. For 20 years Avalanche! has been the leading roof snow removal solution because it’s easy to use and very effective. Avalanche snow roof rake products make avoiding ice dams on your roof easy. If you have ever used a snow roof rake you know what back breaking work it can be. With the Avalanche! you simply slide it up the roof and the snow falls off the roof with little effort. Avalanche! is great for reaching the hard to get to areas near roof peaks & high ledges. The Top Seller: 17-inch wide Avalanche! patented with cutter frame and wheels, 17-inch by 8-foot plastic slide, 16-foot lightweight fiberglass handle in four – 4-foot sections, snap on coupler system for easy storage, and a vinyl end grip. Easy snap-on assembly…No Tools Needed! This product is lightweight, which reduces back strain and has wheels to protect your roof!

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