ATROX Snake Barrier

ATROX Snake Barrier is the World’s First truly effective, portable and scalable snake barrier that safely keeps snakes away!

Snakes can be scary and in some cases deadly. Many people prefer a dead snake to a live one, but they do serve a purpose. ATROX’s goal is to offer PEACE OF MIND by keeping snakes away while being mindful of our ecology and the role snakes play within it.

A Herpetologist’s Opinion

Because of my many years working with, and observing venomous and non-venomous snakes in the wild and in captivity, the fine folks at ATROX Snake Barrier asked me to test their barrier with living snakes of various species to assess how it workswhy it works, and to find any places where it could be improved.

During my trials I released rattlesnakes, copperheads, water moccasins, rat snakes (tree climbers), water snakes, coach whips, coral snakes, and many others, both wild and captive, and of various sizes near the barrier, and observed their interactions with it. To put it bluntly: IT WORKS.

If you have a Snake Problem or Snakes just aren’t Your Thing, I bet you’ve already thought of how and where you would use the ATROX Snake Barrier System.

Watch the video below to see how well it works.

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