Arcido: Akra & Vaga – Carry-on Luggage System

Carry everything with you in a single backpack that fits in the overhead locker. Our starting point for all Arcido bags is the idea of streamlined, efficient travel. We want to travel hands-free, and we think wheelie bags are limiting.

We’ve taken the feedback from the thousands of customers who have used our Faroe and Arcido bags to create two new products : Akra and Vaga. Akra is a lightweight travel backpack designed to give you easy access to all the stuff you need when you travel. Vaga is the daypack that accompanies it, which fits neatly inside. Our laptop protection system is second to none – suspend your laptop or macbook in a harness that hugs your device, and can be switched between the two bags. So whether you’re in travel or day mode, your laptop is protected.

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